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Built Top Roof

There are many types of roofing options. Some are more common than others. If you are wondering what the best roofing type is for your property. One of our talented professionals would be glad to discuss all the many options available to you. Here at Georgia Roofing and Painting, we have a skilled staff who can handle almost any roofing request. We service those in DeKalb, GA, Lenox Park, GA, East Point, GA and many other local areas. We do it all from the built top roof, to the porch down roof, and many others.

If you're interested in the built top roof, you are not alone. This type of roof has been in use for more than one hundred years. That's a long time, and there are several benefits to this roofing type. Of course, over the course of one hundred years, this type of roof has come a long way. Advances in all roofing types and materials keep making the choices for the home and business owner better and better.

Now, on to the main benefit of this roof. While all roofs are waterproof, this type goes above and beyond in this department. It also provides protection from ultraviolet light. If low maintenance is something that you are concerned with, this is a great roof choice. It's pretty much something that you can forget about. It's also a long-lasting choice.

We would love to discuss this and other types of roofing options with you. Please give us a call and we will send someone out to look at your property. Our talented, friendly, and courteous staff is always ready to answer questions and can even give you some great advice if you need it. Our goal is to always complete a job that we feel good about, and that the client is happy with.

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