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Roof Leak Repair

We, at Georgia Roofing and Painting care about our neighbors and clients in Atlanta, GA, DeKalb, Doraville, and other local areas. The care we have is why we feel the need to tell you that roof leak repair is not something that you want to put off. We have heard clients tell us the same thing, time and time again. They say that a leak began small, but they let it go because it was just a small drop, or maybe it only happened during heavy rains. Over time, the leak continues and one of two things happen. It either gets worse, or the homeowner realizes that there is extensive damage in the attic or behind a wall from the water. One thing that never happens is the leak fixing itself. It never gets better on its own.

Keep in mind that you may see just a small portion of the leak. You don't know what's happening behind the walls, or up in the ceiling, or even the attic, unless you make a point of investigating the attic. You also don't know what is going on with your roof unless you have it inspected by a professional. Don't put off calling us for roof leak repair, just because you assume the worse.

Often, a homeowner thinks that when they call someone out to look at the roof, the company is automatically going to say that the roof is no good. That's not true at all. Many times, we will come out and be able to repair the roof quickly, easily, and inexpensively. Our company is run with honor and integrity. We believe in treating people, as we would want our loved ones to be treated, which means giving the truth about their roof, even if it means we make less money. Money is not as important as our reputation.

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