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Roof Repair

Finding out that you need roof repair help is never a fun experience. It's also not something that can be ignored. The more precipitation that is allowed to leak through a bad roof, the more damage that the home is likely to suffer. Leaks can result in mold, damaged ceiling and walls, ruined furnishing and even electrical damage. As soon as you realize that your roof is having a problem, it's time to call in the professionals. For residents of Peachtree Corners, GA, Atlanta, Dekalb, and surrounding areas, the best professional to call for roof repair, is us. We're Georgia Roofing and Painting.

We will come to inspect your roof for damage and give you an honest opinion as to what the next step should be. Of course, making repairs is less expensive than a new roof, if it makes sense to make repairs, that's what we will tell you. We believe in complete honesty with our clients. Many times, as long as the repairs are confined to an area of less than half of the roof, we can make repairs. When repairs are needed for more than that, it will be up to you to make the decision. However, it might work out cheaper to have the entire roof done. This is something we will discuss with you.

One thing that we do want you to know is how to tell if you need your roof repaired if it's not yet leaking inside. If you can spot potential problems early, you may be able to avoid water damage, which is always a good thing. After a windy day or a storm, check the area around your home for shingles that may have blown off your house. If you see shingles from your roof, call us to come out to take a look.

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